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Day 16

Join the ACLU

Join us. Fight back. When you-become a card-carrying member of the ACLU, your membership directly supports our nationwide network of lawyers, lobbyists, organizers, and freedom fighters as we push back against President Trump’s attempts to erode our …

Day 15

From the ACLU:

Today, share “Know Your Rights” Resources with Muslim People in Your Community.

Following Pres. Trump’s shameful and discriminatory #MuslimBan, many of our neighbors and fellow Tennesseans have been made to feel unsafe in the communities where they …

Action For District 2

On a local level. Duncan has dubbed us ‘extremists, kooks, and radicals.’ I spent quite a bit of time yesterday trying to figure out which one I might be. I’m a Rationalist, Compassionate, Centrist. I’m certainly not a radical or …

Seattle Joins The Action

Two thousand protesting at the airport tonight. They’ve shut down trains coming to the airport to slow down incoming protestors!

We’re awake, America. We’re awake!

ACLU’s first 100 days of action – Day 8

ACLU’s first 100 days of action – Day 8

Demand that Sessions explain his position on executive orders.

Sen. Sessions, nominee for Attorney General, reportedly helped craft this week’s executive orders violating the civil rights and liberties of Muslim refugees, …

Great news for sanctuary cities!

Executive orders cannot change existing laws.…

Read it. Be inspired by it.

Read it. Be inspired by it. Share your ideas on how you think ‘Indivisible’ can be implemented in our own communities.

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